Ye Merrie Greenwood Players Interactive Mystery Presentation
The Director's Cut

Hollywood, 1938

You have been invited to attend a lavish party at the home of that great film director and producer, Orwell Fountain.  Orwell is THE most wealthy and famous director in Hollywood today.  While he has made the studios large amounts of money with such films as "Gone with the Tide" and "Citizen Clyde", he is well known for making extravagant "art" films.  These films have not always been a big success at the box office. Orwell is a great speaker and so far, has managed to convince the studios that he is their best bet when it comes to making lots of money. 

There are also the rumors that Orwell is very difficult to work with. He has been described as a tyrant that uses his skills to make himself look good and whoever he is currently sleeping with. This has made Orwell more than one enemy. The critics love his avaunt guarde type films and support his work, but there are many other actors, writers and agents that would be just as happy to topple Mr. Fountain from his golden pinnacle. Some of them are here at the party tonight. Rumor has it that Orwell is going to announce what his next film is going to be and who is going to star in it. This news has all of Hollywood in a state of agitation.  Being in just one of Orwell's films can make someone a star overnight and there are plenty of people here interested in just that. Of course, there are always other people that have their own agenda for the party…