Ye Merrie Greenwood Players Interactive Mystery Presentation
Mystery In London

Our mystery finds us in London of 1905. You are in attendance at a reception being held in honor of those who serve in the British Foreign service offices. Guests are ministers and members of governmental agencies.  

There are many foreign representatives present. There are also members of different government branches and members of the press. The reception is being hosted by Sir Edward Scott Wentworth. Sir Edward is in charge of the Navy's top secret "Dreadnought' project. The Dreadnought is supposed to be a new type of Battleship that will ensure continued British Naval supremacy. Many of the members of foreign nations would be very eager to obtain any information on the Dreadnought or its construction. It is rumored that Sir Edward always keeps the plans close to him, for security and reference.  

The political climate of Europe of 1905 is stormy. Germany has the most powerful army in Europe. Austria (Germany's ally) has increased tension by annexing large areas of territory in the Balkans. France and Russia have recently concluded a mutual defense treaty aimed against Germany. Britain has hastened the Arms Race by building the Dreadnought, due to be completed in 1906.  

You are aware of an atmosphere of anxiety and secrecy that seems to be effecting all levels of the British Government and European Embassies. Even in this gay setting there is a dark thread of intrigue.  

Several mysteries shall confront you at this reception. Most likely they will center on the Dreadnought or Sir Edward. Beware red herrings!