Ye Merrie Greenwood Players Interactive Mystery Presentation

Setting:     Chicago, 1928...The Speakeasy: Copa Casaba

Prohibition has left it's mark on Chicago, with many gangs striving to provide the liquor that so many people still wish to enjoy. At times this has lead to rival gangs attempting to eliminate their competition. Murder is a crime seen often in Chicago. The gangs control the distribution of illegal booze and set up "Speakeasies" to sell their liquor and provide opportunities for gambling. Everyone wants to still be able to have FUN! Music, Dancing and Gambling are the most popular ways to have a good time these days.

Tonight finds you at the famous Chicago Speakeasy, The Copa Casaba. It is owned by one Frank "Fats" Costello. It opened 3 years ago and since that time the Copa Casaba has been a place where excitement happens and famous people can be seen. Fats likes to have the latest bands play and the Jazz here is some of the best outside of New Orleans. You and your friends have come here tonight to see the singing debut of the well known screen star, Lola Montaine.

As you wait for Lola's performance, you look around to see if you can find any of Chicago's notable people in attendance tonight. You also keep watch for some of Chicago's less savory characters. Even at a high class club like the Copa Casaba there are occasional violent encounters between rival gangs. You've already noticed that Tony Malone is here tonight. He is a well known rival of Fats and owner of the club, The Lady Slipper.