Ye Merrie Greenwood Players Interactive Mystery Presentation
Mystery of the Sphinx

Welcome to Cairo, 1982. You are fortunate enough to have received an invitation to the unveiling of the most important archeological find since the tomb of Tutankhamun. Here tonight at this gala event you will be one of the first people to see an ancient book found in the room nestled between the Sphinx’s paws. Sir Henry Whiteside has led a international team of archeologists that unearthed this marvel. Rumors abound about both the expedition, the meaning of finding the room beneath the Sphinx's paw, and the mysterious deaths that occurred among members of the expedition. There were also the stories about the disputes between the leaders of the team and problems obtaining Egyptian governmental permission for the digging. The book is rumored to be of great scientific value. Already it has attracted a great deal of attention from various groups, not all of which are mainstream. Several religious groups have suggested that the knowledge the book contains could forever alter the face of religion today. Some have suggested that it proves the existence of the Atlantean civilization. There are even wild theories about extra terrestrials.


Look forward to an evening where differing points of view are loudly and publicly debated, but be careful, jealousy and anger run high on a high profile event like this. There could be murder in the air tonight.