Here's who was at the 2013 Faire! Applications are going out soon for the 2014 Faire!

Performers at Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire

Vendors at Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire

Ye Merrie Greenwood Players
English Country Dancing, Gypsie Dancers, Gypsie Musicians, Madrigals, Maypole Dancers, Musicians ,Puppets, Scots, Storytelling, Swashbucklers

Bridgetowne Morrismen , Dancers

The Reverend Chumleigh, Man of Mystery

Payne's Natural Magicks, Magician

James Funke~Loubigniac, Musician

James The Obscure, Storyteller

William Barr, Juggler

Rod Molzahn, Shakespeare Speaks

Sherwood Singers, Madrigal Singers

Last Leaf Touring Company of Actors, 2 plays

Idlewild, Musicians, Storytellers

Janet Naylor, Harpist

Magical Strings , Harpist

Mathew Van Zee,
Magician and Harley the Stilt Walker

Last Leaf Actors, 2 Shakespear Plays

Royal Magik & Zinger the Magik, Magic

The Seattle Knights, Fighters, Jousting

Harper Tasche, Harpist

Leannan Sidhe, Musician

Bryan Sapphire, Juggler

Rebel Times, Musicians

Natan Der Sanger,
Singer and Musician

Clay Martin, Puppeteer























































Dean Bell Marcus Whit
PTA Emerald of Siam

Baoquan (Mike) Chen
H & D Foods

Techla Fish
The Roasting Wench

Neil McNeill
Medicine Bear Healing Arts

Beatriz Miranda
Sno Shack

Daniel Miranda
Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Mark Palmer
McGilly Sassparilly

Barb Schmitt BSA Ship 249
Soda & Costumes

Helene Williams
Funnel Cake & Lemonade

Joy Bragg-Staudt & Kim Colvin Kiara le Fey
Jewelry, accessories

Mindee Allison
Jewelry, semi precious stones

Vincent Aszman

Nyssa Baugher
The Fur Connection

Norman Brown

Gopal Brugalette
Govinda's Workshop, wooden toys

N. Lynn Burns
Elizabethan Costumes

Lori Burtis

Craig Candelaria
Ear Cuffs, Jewelry

Deborah Cooper
Scentsy Candles

Clare Crawford
Clare's Celtic Cornucopia

Ben & Becca Czyhold
Artificer Forge

Tony Diaz
Diaz Art Glass

Tina Erickson
Face Art Magic Face Painting

Debra Fisher

Kay Fort
Trifles & Whimsy

Edith/Floyd Garner
Antler & Herb

Shane Harris
Redwolf Ltd.

Sheri Harshberger
Readings by Sheri

Sammie Hemminger

Debra Johanson
Magic City Costumes

Elijah Johnson
Quinn & Bloom Fine Exotic Imports

Jessy Jones
Forget me Knot

Suzan Kathleen
Suzan Kathleen Seamstress

Herb Leonhard
Herb Leonhard Art

Fran Hogan Maas

Melanie Malin
My Gems to your Treasures

Kristen Meier
Desert Fiber Arts

Rose Morris
Mystic Rose Wear

Betsy Mott
Quicksilver Fantasies

Laurie Nearing
Butterfly Kisses Henna

Sherry Page
Mean Kitty Wear

Gwynne Richardson
Tinker Links

June Sevier
Celtic Moonlighting

Robert Silvan
Chained Dragon

Alecia Smith
Gaia's Traditions

Crystal Smith
The Stitchery

Linda Stephens-Mann
Autumn Apothecary

Douglas Strausbaugh
Dragons Bag

Tiffany Toland-Scott
Tiffany's Realm

Jamilah Valentin
Elemental State of Mind

Wesley Walton
Devine Gifts

Dan Weddle
Precious Stone & Silver Jewelry

Latisha Wilcox
Knotted Fibers