Planning for the 2015 Faire is under way!

Performers at Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire

Vendors at Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire

Troupe du Soleil,
Dancers from Ottoman Turkiye

Natan Der Zanger,
Highly Talented Singer & Musician

Payne's Natural Magicks

Bryan Sapphire,
The Evil Juggler

Zoupa du Zonia,
Hilarious Comedy

Royal Magic,
Zinger the Mageek,
Amazing Legerdemain

Bridgetowne Morrismen,
Amazing Dancers

James Funk-Lobigniac,
The Hurdy Gurdy Man

Fascinating Songs and Stories

Magical Strings,
Enchanting Sounds

Renowned Middle Eastern Dancers

Janet Naylor,
Harpist Singer & Storyteller

Bill Barr,
Juggler to Baroness Olivia

Harper Tasche,
Charming Harpist of the Silver Hair

The Stomptowners,
Traditional Music and Dance

Elly Leaverton,
Punch and Judy

Leannan Sidhe,
Enchanting Music of the Fae

The Marvelous Seattle Knights,
Jousting Fighters

Clan Bosko,
Highly Talented Dancers & Storyteller

William Shakespear

Rebel Tymes,
Toe Tapping Music

The Melodious Sherwood Singers

Animul Hause,
Charming Puppets from the North

Last Leaf Productions

The Rude Mechanicals

The Society for Creative Anachronism Fighters

Matthew Van Zee,
Magic of Great Renown

James the Obscure