Here's who will be at the 2014 Faire!

Performers at Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire

Vendors at Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire (List to follow soon)

Ye Merrie Greenwood Players
English Country Dancing, Madrigals, Musicians and Puppets,

Bridgetowne Morrismen , Dancers

The Reverend Chumleigh, Man of Mystery

Payne's Natural Magicks, Magician

James The Obscure, Storyteller

William Barr, Juggler

Sherwood Singers, Madrigal Singers

Last Leaf Touring Company of Actors

Idlewild, Musicians, Storytellers

Janet Naylor, Harpist

Mathew Van Zee,
Magician and Harley the Stilt Walker

Zinger the Magik, Magic

The Seattle Knights, Fighters, Jousting

Harper Tasche, Harpist

Leannan Sidhe, Musician

Bryan Sapphire, Juggler